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    This short video demonstrates how easy it is to go from sitting to standing as quick as a meerkat

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  • The Original Meerkat Desk

    Go from sitting to standing as quick as a meerkat

    Finally! A standing desk that’s affordable and works with your existing desk

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    Meerkat Desk 1
  • Folds down for easy storage

    Conveniently compact!

    Meerkat Desk folds down to a height of 6cm. Feel like sitting down? Just collapse your Meerkat Desk and tuck it away…


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    Meerkat Desk 3
  • Strong yet simple design

    Available in 3 standard heights of 25 cm, 30 cm and 35 cm

    Meerkat Desk can also be customised to the height you require!

    The flexible solution. Choose yours now!
    Meerkat Desk 4
  • Optimised working space

    Designed to fit a standard-size keyboard and mouse

    Desk area measures 70cm across and 35cm deep. Meerkat Desk works best with an adjustable monitor stand

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    Meerkat Desk 2
  • Standing burns calories

    How many extra calories could you burn by standing at your desk?

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